The Road to Flea Market Flip

Yay!!  I am now able to share photos and some details about my experience being on Flea Market Flip!  (well you will have to wait and see if we win)

“Battle of the Islanders”  Season 8, Esp 3  airing on 2 channels

HGTV ,  Friday, November 13th at  11:30AM/10:30c  HGTV Listing

GAC, Sunday, December 4th at 8PM/7c  GAC Premier

You will have to check your local listings but go SEARCH on your TV and find Flea Market Flip and set Record Series, and you can’t miss it that way!

Since I flip furniture with my company Decor & Lots More and all I hear is, you need to go on that show FMF!  I thought, I sure do, let me make this happen.  For a good 2 years I would check when to apply and some how miss it.  Then I started to follow them on Instagram, they began posting when they would be selling at the LIC Flea.  I sent them a direct message and asked to be sent an application when they open casting.

Meanwhile, I decided to go to the taping on a selling day in LIC to just check it out, and as you see on the show, the contestants call you over and I really wanted to see their pieces, I had no intention on buying something, but I did fall in love with a piece and  bought it, what a fun experience that was! You can see me on that show, I am the one buying the orange tool cart bar, it already aired on Great American Country (GAC)  in August ( another channel that airs FMF)  here is that episode details.  Fashion Forward Flippers airs Dec 2nd


So after buying and waiting for Lara to do her thing,  I handed my card over to the producer and told her I would love to get on the show myself.   When casting came up they sent me an email!   I didn’t reply fast enough and they emailed me telling me that the producer had wanted to make sure I was interested still, what they remember me?  Ummm yes, filling out the long application ASAP!!!

So yes, I made it happen!  I asked Karen Michel, super talented, creative, easy going, fun artist friend of mine. I knew we  could work well together as we have done projects in the past successfully. ( check her at Karen Michel)

So after passing the application part,  we were booked for our Skype auditions. We had to have some idea to come off fun, so we dressed up as “Team Beachy/Boho Bargainers” since we are from the South Shore of Long Island.  We mixed up a faux cocktail, maybe it was OJ, it was 10am, we wore Karen’s boho headbands, I wore a beach hat and we even made a sign Beachy Boho!    We were being interviewed for the show by a casting company not the shows producers, so we have to be entertaining, quick with response and not shy and show we had what it takes and it was being recorded to be replayed to them. She said, listen you have big competition this year so let’s take 2.  Help. Lets just say we didn’t even know what happened and thought, oh well there’s always next year.

The phone rings weeks later, I miss the call.  Next night, HELLO??? Jenn, yes, you made it to the next season of FMF!  And of course I say, SHUT UP.  Yes, she said, you guys were really great, the producers liked you and your work  So I call Karen and say, we are on the show, seriously LOL

And so starts our journey that is FMF for the next few months.  I will write another post and give you more of the 411!  Leave comments, questions !






New Ventures!

Hello Friends

I am so happy to announce my newest venture in Décor & Lots More!

D&LM is now in a store front in sunny,  Long Beach, NY.  Sharing a space with beautiful home décor by owner Tracey, it’s a great opportunity!

Find me at Piece from the Beach,  120 W Park Ave, Long Beach NY, mention this post and get 20% off a purchase in my space.

The store is full of beachy, reinvented furnishings, shabby chic, vintage and home décor!  I also paint furniture you have at home, find pieces you may want and hold crafting nights and of course design services!  It will take a lot of my blood, sweat and smiles to get it going but it will all be worth it. I quit that 9-5 for a reason!  Thanks for stopping by.  Jenn



Mad Men Style…

Hey Guys and Girls

I have been busy thrifting, flea finding for a curated shop on Etsy and pop up venues in New York.  Today I am sharing a design vignette showing “Mad Men” style.  Some of the items are also on sale at my ETSY site!  If you follow me here, I am giving you a special discount , use code  WORDPRESS and get 10% off.

mad men

What is Mad  Men Style?

The show is set from 1960 to 1970 in NYC.

You will see iconic designs used, mid-century modern especially,  which  was developed up until the early 60s, like the Eames chair (never to go out of style) which was released in 1956.

To achieve this style I used glass Decanters with liquor labels, Bourbon/Gin/Rye/Scotch. After a hard  day in the office or “in” the office, if you are a character on the show that is.

Sitting on a vintage double sided tray/ mixed along martini glasses, ice bucket and glass ashtray, or say coin tray for non smokers.  My favorite is the graphic vintage game from the 60’s (also in the shop) makes a perfect match since the show was set in an advertising firm making it a nice fit.

Its 5 o’clock some where, go and enjoy it at your newly styled barcart.


Pop UP for April

I am happy to report that my first few weeks of the RVC Flea has been great!  So fun to meet people that love the hunt of a garage sale, thrift store, flea market.  And of course to have a store front for my curated vintage and my creations.

My vintage vibe will be for sale sitting upon my hand painted furniture until April 22nd, 200 Merrick Rd, Rockville Centre, NY

If you can’t make it, you can happily find them online at my  Etsy shop until I pop up at another venue and start the art festival season!

Work in progress


So I have been thinking waaaaaaaaaaayy to much about bloggin, that I am not doing it enough.  Thinking of perfect content and subjects people will even bother reading.  Maybe working to much for what I think people want rather than what I might want. That never works, does it?  Nope.

But while you are waiting..or not…I am working on a great piece for the refinishing folks.  I am testing all kinds of paints for painting trash to treasure pieces.  I do this as part of my décor business and was busy sanding and complaining until I found a little cash can save me some time.  So I will be posting about ONE STEP PAINT and other options.

Meanwhile here are some of my pieces that I used the products on! Little preview!


So I will catch you back and post little things in the meanwhile!

ReDesign, Recreate, Relove always!



Mason Jar DIY for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, how I love you!  It’s my second favorite holiday. Candy, cards, flowers, maybe a lobster dinner!

I love crafting up handmade Valentines and DIY gifts to show my affection.

Today I am sharing a DIY I created to give my  husband using a mason jar.

What you will need


  • Mason Jar (or jar that you want to recycle)
  • Valentine Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissor
  • Red/White glass stones ( I found some heart ones too)
  • Valentine Color or Design Card Stock
  • Printer (or handwritten is always a nice touch)
  • Candy *optional*

You can start by making your handwritten or typed “love notes.  The Valentine card stock is white on the opposite side, so you can print off word.  I used a craft scissor on a few giving it a decorative touch.



Once you are done with that you can decide on placement of your ribbon.  I would suggest one low, middle if you want and high, and the lid.  You want to be able to see inside the jar so don’t over do it.

Now add your gems, the notes and his/her favorite candies.


You can enjoy a romantic evening pulling out your “love notes”.



Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day and get to make one.  Feel free to share and tag me on IG @decorandlotsmore and use #lovejar












Upcycle after Christmas

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

As I was cleaning up I thought, oh wait, I must put out a reminder of waste not want not, for the holidays.

Hopefully I am not too late.

You may still be giving and receiving so when you unwrap, save the ribbon for yourself or a crafty friend (we always will take it) always re-gift the gift bag and the one thing that is my favorite….Christmas Cards.  When you are packing up toss in the holiday cards you received for next years gift decorating.  This year I got many picture ones so those you can’t chop up right away..those you should look at on your fridge for the new year.

So yes, here are a few pictures and what you could do for an easy fun new way to give your gift.

Gather your cards together!


You can use regular scissors but using the craft ones makes it more decorative. A hole puncher ($1 store easily has one) and ribbon/twine.

Now if you are not equipped  with the tools, just stab a hole with a scissor and stick any  ribbon/ twine in, it will depend on your look.  Another option is to just tape it on as a decorative look.  Of course this is for next year, but just so you recall and head on back here.


Once a card, now a fun gift tag or decoration for a top a present.

So if you don’t want to do this part, you can always do a good deed and send off to St.Jude for their greeting card recycle program. See the link below


Décor & Lots More !